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Providing the state of the art speech software and hardware technologies for all levels of research and teaching.

Our Products covers a wide of ranges of applications.
  • Multichannel data acquisition system  the general purpose data capturing systems of up to 16 channels
  • Aerodynamic studies  to capture oral, nasal flows and pressures along with audio and other signals.
  • PCquirerX  and  MacquirerX  are the flag ship of speech analysis software
  • PitchWorks  the standard method of TOBI style labeling
  • SynthWorks   the KLATT based formant synthesizer with simple graphical and spreadsheet style interface.
  • SciconWeb  the simple method of converting your navigator into a speech analysis program.
  • ESLPal   the revolutionary self paced accent enhancement system for English as Second Language with many models to match graphically.
    Powered by SpeechFlare Technologies, available in PC, Mac and soon in iPad.