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  • The powerful and easy to use speech analysis system for Windows & Mac OS
  • Record, edit, play, spectrogram, FFT/LPC, pitch, label, EEG, plotformants, and many more functions...
  • EEG analysis with velocity and acceleration functions
  • Supports the X16 series hardware
  • PlotFormants function directly from spectrogram or from external file
  • Automatic data logging with a click of the mouse
  • Real time spectrogram and FFT when recording
  • Highly controlled playback output level control for perception experiments
  • Stereo operation with sample rate of 11 , 22 and 44 kHz
  • Sample rate, gain, filter rate controlled by software.
  • Reads many audio data types
Stereo recording of audio and EEG signal.

Labels can be viewed, sorted by name or time in one source. The file can be zoomed to the selected label.
Direct plot formant function from formant tracking in the
spectrogram window.
The plot formant data can be saved as separate file for future processing.
The plot formant operation can also be done independently.

Log window allows direct data logging from various window with a click of button.
This entry is from spectrogram window with formant tracking information of F1-F5
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