PitchWorks Windows      Mac OS  

  • PitchWorks is the main tool for any intonation studies, with very easy user interface.
  • It uses two methods of pitch extraction, Cepstral and Autocorrelation.
  • PitchWorks is designed for up to 10 levels of tiers for TOBI style labeling, with virtually unlimited number of labels in each tier.
  • Labels can be of different fonts, colors or sizes.
  • The tier information can be extracted to a log file by click of mouse.
  • Each screen can be saved as a bitmap for direct entry into word document.
  • Pitch Works reads many different file types of any size.
  • 10 levels of tiers Look & feel with file interchangeability between PC & Mac TOBI style labeling Capable of reading many different file types.
  • FFT, LPC, Intensity, Spectrogram, Formant tracking, ... Cepstral and Autocorrelation. pitch extraction methods.
  • Synchronized cursor between windows Automatic data logging Direct printing from every window. Save each window as a bitmap (PC) & PICT (Mac) for imports to word documents Window 2K /XP and Mac OSX compatible.
  • TOBI style labeling

    View of the label window. The labels can be sorted by tiers, labels, or time.
    A label can be selected and the file can be zoomed to that label. No need to look into a long file to look for any labels.
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