SynthWorks Windows      Mac OS  

  • SynthWorks is the first and most versatile KLATT based speech synthesizer program for Mac & PC.
  • Manipulates of up to 48 parameters in an easy fashion, both in spreadsheet and graphical formats, in either Parallel only or Cascade-Parallel modes.
  • Available parameters include eight formant frequencies, bandwidths and amplitude controls and a variety of source parameters.
  • The synthesized file's sample rate is automatically adjusted when more or fewer than five formants are used.
  • Frames lengths are user selectable and can be as small as one millisecond.
  • Spreadsheet data manipulation uses standard techniques of spreadsheet with all the controls such as editing, row & column addition/deletion and printing.
  • Intonation and formant contour data can be entered or altered either by free hand drawing, or from tracing over high quality pitch display and spectrogram of an audio speech model (*.wav file) read into SynthWorks
  • SynthWorks for Mac or PC features include:
  • The same "LOOK-N-FEEL" between PC & Mac with complete file interchangeability. Up to 48 parameters are available. Spread sheet and graphical form of data entry.
  • Comparison between synthesized voices of before and after changes.
  • Read in an audio file as model and extract major factors directly, like, pitch , formants, amplitude,...
  • FFT/LPC of any frame for both native and synthesized.
  • Direct printing onto high resolution laser printers.
  • Save each window as bitmap (PC) & PICT (Mac) files for direct entry into word processors.Windows 2000/XP and Mac OSX On line help
  • Spread sheet style data entry for extra fine control of every data point. Anchor points are placed at will various important frames.
    Manual graphical data entry thru free hand formant drawing

    Data entry from tracing over a model audio file spectrogram formants and pitch track.

    Side by side comparison of the FFT/LPC of both synthesized and natural model files

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