X516 for Windows/Mac  

  • X16 series hardware is an external system for multi channel data acquisition using USB port.
  • These systems will implement an audio along with up to 16 other DC¬†channels for various types of recording including aerodynamic (pressure and flow) measurements and nay other general data types.
  • They come with PCquirerX software for simple one button operation.
  • They have many options ranging from transducer housing to internal battery backup for remote operations.
  • Simultaneously audio and DC signals recording up to 16 channels Software controlled sample rates, different for the audio and other channels.
  • 16-bit resolution on all channels.
  • Precision software controlled, stepped-gain adjustment.
  • No external physical knobs.
  • Accepts any physiological signals such as oral/nasal flows, oral/subglottal pressures, and EMG.¬†
  • Battery backup for remote operation. USB operation. WIN7/10 and Mac OSX native.
X16 Series System
Nasal mask
Oral mask attached to the EIPF-4 transducer interface base

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