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The new versions are server authenticated and do not require any dongles

To upgrade from earlier version, YOU MUST UNINSTALL the previous version completely before installing the new version. Failure to do so will create a conflict between drivers.

Please also note that there are now two different installers for WIN7 and WIN10.
Select the proper one for your operating system. Failure to do so may install wrong drivers in your system.

Digital Signature Requirement must be TURNED OFF during first time installation. See below for instructions

How to install PCquirerX on win 7/10, 64 bit system to use with X16 series hardware.
“Digital Signature Requirement” must be DISABLED during bootup before the driver installation.
Disable the Digital Signature Requirement win 7
Disable the Digital Signature Requirement win 10

Before running the PCquirerX installer,you must follow the instructions above during a reboot.

After you have done this step, then install the driver and plug the system in a USB port.
If for some reason the drivers were not recognized by the operating system, with the Driver Signature verification Disabled, please follow the steps below to force the drivers installation:
1. Open control panel, Select System, then Device manager
2. Open the Universal Serial Bus Controllers tab ( at the very bottom)
3. You may find device with either “unrecognized Device” or “X16 Device” with yellow “?” next to it ( this may be also be in other place in the device manager than in the Universal Serial Bus Controllers tab)
4. Left click on it , select Update Drivers
5. Browse my computer for driver software
6. In the next window, navigate to WINDOWS->INF directory or where the PCquirerX is installed (under program files ->SciconRD folder) has been installed. Select the folder and continue.
7. The drivers should get installed.

For the 64 bit systems, if you ever reboot the system, this process may need to be repeated. However, in the normal conditions, if the system goes to sleep, then you do not need to repeat this process.

The older "DONGLE REQUIRED" versions


(theSuite, includes PCquirerX, PitchWorks, SynthWorks)     theSuite download
(Vista & Win7 driver path) VistaWin7 driver path download
This driver will install a new set of drivers for the dongles for Vista and win7.
Execute and follow the instructions on the screen.
SciconWeb (free)    SciconWeb download


TheWebPlayer (free) theWebPlayer
DateProgramVersionFile NameNoteDownload
10/22/2019 7:05:10 PMPCquirerX (PC)1908setupPCquirerX_WIN10_1908.exeInstaller for WIN 10 ONLY. DO NOT USE with WIN 7setupPCquirerX_WIN10_1908.exe
10/22/2019 7:03:48 PMPCquirerX (PC)1908setupPCquirerX_WIN7_64bit_1908.exeInstaller for 64 bit win 7 ONLY DO NOT use with win 10setupPCquirerX_WIN7_64bit_1908.exe
5/31/2019 1:20:06 PMSynthWorks (Mac)1905SynthWorks_1905.10.pkg.zipUpdated the wav model file readerSynthWorks_1905.10.pkg.zip
4/4/2019 1:50:59 PMMacquirerX (Mac)1904Macquirer_Installer_1904.pkg.zipUpdate log entry functionMacquirer_Installer_1904.pkg.zip
3/15/2019 3:34:16 PMSynthWorks (Mac)1903SynthWorks_1903.15.pkg.zipUpdated memory allocation issuesSynthWorks_1903.15.pkg.zip
9/17/2018 3:27:25 PMSynthWorks (Mac)1809SynthWorks_1809.pkg.zipAdded some selections featuresSynthWorks_1809.pkg.zip
9/17/2018 3:23:28 PMSynthWorks (PC)1809setupSynthWorks_1809.exeBasic upgrade with correctionssetupSynthWorks_1809.exe
12/8/2017 11:29:01 AMPitchWorks (Mac)1712PitchWorks_Installer_1712.pkg.zipUpgrade to correct multi-channel wav file type readingPitchWorks_Installer_1712.pkg.zip
9/6/2017 6:21:05 PMSynthWorks (PC)1708setupSynthWorks_1708.exeRegular upkeepsetupSynthWorks_1708.exe
9/6/2017 6:19:46 PMPitchWorks (PC)1708setupPitchworks_1708.exeRegular upkeepsetupPitchworks_1708.exe
9/6/2017 6:18:23 PMPCquirerX (PC)1708setupPCquirerX_64bit_1708.exeGeneral upkeepsetupPCquirerX_64bit_1708.exe
9/6/2017 5:37:59 PMSynthWorks (Mac)1708SynthWorks_1708.pkg.zipAdded security correctionsSynthWorks_1708.pkg.zip
9/6/2017 5:36:03 PMPitchWorks (Mac)1708PitchWorks_Installer_1708.pkg.zipAdded security corrections for newer OSPitchWorks_Installer_1708.pkg.zip
9/6/2017 5:33:33 PMMacquirerX (Mac)1708Macquirer_Installer_1708.pkg.zipAdded corrections for securityMacquirer_Installer_1708.pkg.zip
7/17/2017 11:02:56 AMPCquirerX (PC)1703setupPCquirerX_1703.exeCorrected wav saving functionsetupPCquirerX_1703.exe
11/10/2016 2:45:33 PMSynthWorks (PC)1612setupSynthWorks_1612.exeRegular maintenance updates.setupSynthWorks_1612.exe
6/2/2015 7:12:22 PMPitchWorks (Mac)1504PitchWorks_Installer_1504.pkg.zipMinor correctionsPitchWorks_Installer_1504.pkg.zip
2/13/2015 11:43:34 AMMacquirerX (Mac)1502Macquirer_Installer_1502.pkg.zipCorrects reading multi-channel aiff/aif file formatsMacquirer_Installer_1502.pkg.zip
12/19/2014 12:50:15 PMPCquirerX (PC)1412setupPCquirerX_64bit__1412.exePCquirerX for win 7 & 8 , 64 but installs. Follow the instructions in the download page.setupPCquirerX_64bit__1412.exe
12/1/2014 3:27:38 PMSynthWorks (PC)1412setupSynthWorks_1412.exeRegular maintenance updates.setupSynthWorks_1412.exe
12/1/2014 3:26:23 PMPitchWorks (PC)1412setupPitchworks_1412.exeRegular update maintenance.setupPitchworks_1412.exe
12/1/2014 3:24:42 PMPCquirerX (PC)1412setupPCquirerX_1412.exeMajor file saving revision. The files are not compatible with the lower versions. Corrects wave file formats in various forms.setupPCquirerX_1412.exe
6/6/2014 1:45:15 PMSynthWorks (Mac)1406SynthWorks_1406.pkg.zipCorrects some bugs in playing routinesSynthWorks_1406.pkg.zip
2/6/2014 3:10:58 PMMacquirerX (Mac)1402Macquirer_Installer_1402.pkg.zipCorrects wave format savingMacquirer_Installer_1402.pkg.zip
2/6/2014 3:08:24 PMPCquirerX (PC)1402setupPCquirerX_1402.exeCorrects wave format savingssetupPCquirerX_1402.exe
11/5/2013 1:44:07 PMMacquirerX (Mac)1308Macquirer_Installer_1308.pkg.zipCompatible with XAB2 series hardwareMacquirer_Installer_1308.pkg.zip
10/22/2013 2:29:06 PMPCquirerX (PC)1310setupPCquirerX_1310.exePCquirerX compatible with Win7, 32 & 64 bit for X16 series. Note the steps required for installation in win7, 64 bit systems setupPCquirerX_1310.exe
9/25/2013 5:09:23 PMSynthWorks (Mac)1309SynthWorks_1309.pkg.zipSynthWorks for Mac , version 1309SynthWorks_1309.pkg.zip
9/25/2013 3:46:17 PMSynthWorks (PC)1309setupSynthWorks_1309.exeSynthWorks for Windows version 1309setupSynthWorks_1309.exe
9/25/2013 3:45:19 PMPitchWorks (PC)1309setupPitchworks_1309.exePitchWorks for Windows version 1309setupPitchworks_1309.exe
9/25/2013 3:44:03 PMPCquirerX (PC)1309setupPCquirerX_1309.exePCquirerX upgrade.setupPCquirerX_1309.exe
8/5/2013 4:32:13 PMMacquirerX (Mac)1307Macquirer_Installer_1307.pkg.zipMacquirerX Lion versionMacquirer_Installer_1307.pkg.zip
7/8/2013 1:18:10 PMSynthWorks (PC)1307setupSynthWorks_1307.exeSynthWorks for windows. Corrected error in graphical interface. This version is not compatible with the dongle versions setupSynthWorks_1307.exe
6/27/2013 5:11:10 PMMacquirerX (Mac)1306Macquirer_Installer_1306.pkg.zipMacquirerX, snow leopard and upMacquirer_Installer_1306.pkg.zip
6/26/2013 3:09:36 PMPCquirerX (PC)1306setupPCquirerX_1306.exeUSB2, X16 series, 32 bit compatible with only server authentication.setupPCquirerX_1306.exe
6/27/2012 2:47:43 PMSynthWorks (Mac)1209SynthWorks_1209.pkg.zipSynthWorks for Mac. Snow Leopard and above. Corrects for reading some older files.SynthWorks_1209.pkg.zip
6/19/2012 12:10:14 PMMacquirerX (Mac)1208MacquirerX_Installer_1208.pkg.zipMacquirerX for Mac. Snow leopard and up.MacquirerX_Installer_1208.pkg.zip
6/18/2012 7:49:11 PMSynthWorks (Mac)1208SynthWorks_1208.pkg.zipSynthWorks for Mac. Snow Leopard and above.SynthWorks_1208.pkg.zip
6/18/2012 3:20:51 PMPitchWorks (Mac)1208PitchWorks_Installer_1208.pkg.zipPitchWorks for Mac. For Snow Leopard and up This version is not compatible with dongle versions.PitchWorks_Installer_1208.pkg.zip
4/16/2012 1:28:42 PMSynthWorks (PC)1206setupSynthWorks_1206.exeSynthWorks for windows. This version is not compatible with the dongle versionssetupSynthWorks_1206.exe
4/5/2012 11:34:48 AMPCquirerX (PC)1206setupPCquirerX_1206.exePCquirerX for windows. This version is not compatible with the dongle versions or P516 or P916 series hardwaresetupPCquirerX_1206.exe
1/19/2012 2:18:27 PMPitchWorks (PC)1201setupPitchworks-1202.exePitchWorks for Windows. Corrects the average pitch valuesetupPitchworks-1202.exe