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PitchWorks (Win & Mac)

  • PitchWorks is the main tool for any intonation studies, with very easy user interface.
  • It uses two methods of pitch extraction, Cepstral and Autocorrelation.
  • PitchWorks is designed for up to 10 levels of tiers for TOBI style labeling, with virtually unlimited number of labels in each tier.
  • Labels can be of different fonts, colors or sizes.
  • The tier information can be extracted to a log file by click of mouse.
  • Each screen can be saved as a bitmap for direct entry into word document.
  • Pitch Works reads many different file types of any size.
  • 10 levels of tiers Look & feel with file interchangeability between PC & Mac TOBI style labeling Capable of reading many different file types.
  • FFT, LPC, Intensity, Spectrogram, Formant tracking, ... Cepstral and Autocorrelation. pitch extraction methods.
  • Synchronized cursor between windows Automatic data logging Direct printing from every window. Save each window as a bitmap (PC) & PICT (Mac) for imports to word documents Window 2K /XP and Mac OSX compatible.
XAudioBox during recording with real time spectrogram and FFT.
Multi channel data with oral and nasal flow recording with free hand labeling.

Stereo recording of audio and EEG signal.

Labels can be viewed, sorted by name or time in one source.
The file can be zoomed to the selected label.

Direct plot formant function from formant tracking in the
spectrogram window.
The plot formant data can be saved as separate file for future processing.
The plot formant operation can also be done independently.

Log window allows direct data logging from various window with a click of button.
This entry is from spectrogram window with formant tracking information of F1-F5