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X16 series hardware system

  • X16 series hardware is an external system for multi channel data acquisition using USB port.
  • These systems will implement an audio along with up to 16 other DC channels for various types of recording including aerodynamic (pressure and flow) measurements and nay other general data types.
  • They come with PCquirerX software for simple one button operation.
  • They have many options ranging from transducer housing to internal battery backup for remote operations.
  • Simultaneously audio and DC signals recording up to 16 channels Software controlled sample rates, different for the audio and other channels.
  • 16-bit resolution on all channels.
  • Precision software controlled, stepped-gain adjustment.
  • No external physical knobs.
  • Accepts any physiological signals such as oral/nasal flows, oral/subglottal pressures, and EMG. 
  • Battery backup for remote operation. USB operation. WIN 2000/XP/Vista/win7 and Mac OSX native.
X16 series system

Transuder interface
Nasal mask
Oral mask